Server Stats



Cap 110
Server Type PVE
Race Chinese & Europe
Masteries CH/EU 330/220
Degree 11
Exp Solo 1x
Exp Party 1.5x
Item Drop 1x
Gold 1x
Trader Enabled
Alchemy rate 2x
Guild limit 50
Union limit 5
FGW Enabled
Capture Flag Event Enabled
Battle Arena Enabled
Academy buff System isro
Fortress war Jangan
Fortress Time Friday 20:00 GMT+2


Trade Export Details

Capture Flag

Item name Win Kill
Ice Trophy 10 1


Type Win Lose
Battle Arena Random 12 7
Battle Arena Party 12 7
Battle Arena Guild 16 9
Battle Arena JOB 16 9

Job Temple Unique's

Job Temple Unique's drop the following coins which are listed below. Which you need to collect to complete EGY A or B Gear.
Unique Name Drop
Isis & Anubis Gold Coin & Iron Coin
Selket & Neith Silver Coin & Copper Coin
Haroeris Gold Coin & Iron Coin
Seth Gold Coin & Iron Coin

Holy Water Temple

Unique Name Drop
Sphinx Copper Coin & Silver Coin
Nephthys Copper Coin & Silver Coin
Osiris Copper Coin & Silver Coin
Horus Copper Coin & Silver Coin
Sekhmet Copper Coin & Silver Coin